Saturday, January 22, 2011

Contiki Knights v1.0

Dance with a girl in a Liverpool bar.
Celery accent, luminous mind,
Eyes so blue they redefine 'blue.'
Dance for a while then sit down alone.

Dream as a child, muse as a man,
To be Galad, purest of knights.
Incorruptible flesh, soul unswayed,
Beauty can't die, can only be killed.

Learn as a child, hope as a man,
 To be Lancelot, failed and damned.
By flesh led astray, penitent soul,
The perfect knight gone to rot.

Fear as a child, sigh as a man,
To be Pellanor, chasing his beast.
Riding forever on one final quest,
Once started can never be ceased.

Ignore as a child, know as a man
To be the beast Pellanor sought.
Hounded to death by an enemy feared,
Scared and alone to the end.

Dance with a girl in a Liverpool bar,
Walk, though the prospects are good.
Breath steam into hands, brittle and iced;
Go home with somebody else.

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